Our story

Way back in 1997, intY began as a small venture in the vibrant city of Bristol. Founded by an IT systems engineer for small to medium-sized businesses, we witnessed a recurring problem; many companies required email and internet access but did not have the in-house resource to manage their systems effectively.

Armed with this insight, intY managed service was born: an all-in-one internet and email solution, combining the finest technology with full system management.

Over the years, we’ve evolved – winning multiple awards for our services to partners and the cloud industry. From a one-man band, we’ve expanded to a workforce of over 100. And, in a significant milestone, we joined forces with ScanSource Inc. – a powerhouse US-based tech firm – known for its pioneering work in hybrid distribution to accelerate the future of technology.



Our people

With over 25 years in cloud expertise, our team holds 150+ certifications across a wide range of cloud solutions. Over time, we’ve built strong and lasting relationships, not only with our partners, but with vendors, suppliers and the wider SaaS industry.

intY are always at the end of the phone. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll make sure to go and find it for you.
You have a great human element – something that has been lost with a lot of companies since the pandemic.
— James Bannister
Managing Director at ITERTECH

Our values

Our values aren't just words on a page. We live them daily in our work, our culture and our relationships.

Honesty is key

Honesty and integrity are fundamental to everything we do.

You matter

Whether you’re a partner, an employee or a vendor your needs are important to us. We’re committed to addressing them promptly and fairly. At intY, every voice counts and deserves respect.

We embrace innovation

We inspire all our employees to be innovative and creative. Mistakes made in the pursuit of progress and hard work are how we learn and grow.

We believe in giving back

We donate our time, talents and resources to support our communities and help important causes.

We celebrate diversity

We respect and value the unique backgrounds, interests and skills of our team members. Diversity is our strength.

We're reliable

Not only do we deliver reliable services and support to our suppliers, but we carefully manage our company resources to deliver on our commitments to our employees and shareholders.

Our mission is simpleProvide you with the knowledge, resources and supportyou need to truly reap the benefits of the cloud.

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