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Our job as a global cloud distributor is to ensure that our partners receive the service and support they need to build a profitable and successful cloud business, and to make it as easy as possible for partners to have instant access to industry leading cloud services.

1. Our people are cloud experts

We pride ourselves in having the best team going. From account managers, to marketing, to technical support, to finance, our team live and breathe cloud and are always on hand to help advise and consult with our partners to help grow your business.

2. You get the best prices

For all services on offer we are extremely competitive on price. You can buy services from intY at low prices and as an expert partner, mark up to whatever price you decide. If you choose our trusted advisor option, our commission levels are second to none.

3. CASCADE is quite frankly the best

CASCADE, intY’s revolutionary online marketplace, is the fastest provisioning portal in the market today. This lightning speed service streams down from us to you and then to your customers. If you want to provide your customers with super fast services and ultimately the best customer experience, utilise CASCADE. As well as the speed of service, CASCADE also allows you to bundle products together as if they are from one supplier making it easier to resell more services, and, it all falls under one single simple bill.

4. You’ll never be tied into contracts

At intY, we don’t believe in tying you in for long periods of time. One of the most valuable benefits of cloud services is that they are scalable when business fluctuates, so tying you and your customers in to contracts make no sense. 30 day rolling contracts are how we work in CASCADE, so you only pay for the month you use the service, then, if it’s no longer needed, you can remove it instantly and easily.

5. intY is agile

At intY, we’re very agile. We can move with the market and change our direction quickly to ensure that we’re always helping you to the absolute maximum that we can. You’ll also get a personal account manager who will dedicated to helping you grow your business. They’ll know you, your business and your goals and will offer specialist help to ensure you meet them.


6. There are no costs involved

To become an intY partner, it’s so easy. You simply sign up on our website, and it’s completely free. We have two partner options that you can choose between depending on what suits you and your business and it’s as simple as that. Free, instant access to the best cloud marketplace.

7. You get cool rewards

Who doesn’t love a prize? Well, we certainly do and we also love being able to reward partners for great work. From Formula One tickets to iPads, laptops, money and more, intY incentives are designed by us to say thank you. Keep a look out on our social media pages, website and in our newsletters to stay up to date and in the loop about all the great things you could get your hands on.

8. Insights and resources

For partners, we have a knowledge portal containing in depth sales and support resources that play another important part in growing your cloud business. We always like to ensure that you have as much help and guidance as possible for when you need it. If you’ve got a suggestion or some resources you’d like to see in the knowledge portal, get in touch, let us know and we will endeavour to add them in as soon as possible.

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Readyfor success?

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