Increase collaboration, productivity & security in the workplace and drive digital transformation.

At a glance...

Stronger customer relationships

Deliver a personalised customer experience using near real-time evidence about how their cloud solutions are working for them.

Data-led sales opportunities

Realise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within your customer base to drive new monthly recurring revenue.

Visibility into Azure usage

Provide unparalleled Azure consumption data to predict customer costs and manage spend.

Delve into actionable insights

Through Partner Insights™, you can analyse your customers usage of applications from world-class vendors like Microsoft, Acronis & Symantec, providing them with the information they need to increase their adoption of key cloud services.

Unify vendor data 

For the first time, we’ve combined cross-vendor data to bring you a 360 degree view of your customers estate, allowing you to open up unique, one-on-one customer interactions that build loyalty and reduce churn.

See more of Azure

Intelligent Azure reporting means you can now track day to day spend on your customers resource usage, drilling down to see cost per workload, the most granular level of Azure reporting ever from a Cloud Distributor.

Know your spend trend

Easily show trends and spikes in your customers’ Azure spend and manage costs against budgets, allowing you to add greater value and foreseeability to their business.

Partner Insights™ provides a discussion point in review meetings to give near real-time, accurate data on licensing utilisation, cost and adoption to showcase where we can drive license value, and services.
— Roger Burgess
Director Scoria Tech

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