Cloud resellers want the very best cloud vendors, training to understand their cloud product and the technical support to enable them to sell it to their customer base. They need assistance in the form of a cloud distributor, businesses capable of enabling them to support and sell various products to achieve growth and happy customers. Finding the best partner is key, and you’re here because you’re currently searching for it.

Look no further. The intY partner program is a best-in-class solution for this problem, just as each of our cloud vendors is a best-in-class contender. With the intY team working alongside you, you’ll see a leap in your sales figures and a dramatic reduction in your operational costs. You’ll also have a huge weight of knowledge to draw from whenever you need it.

Why intY’s Partner Program is the Best on the Market

The CASCADE portal

Our award-winning cloud marketplace makes it easy to choose the solutions you need.

Rapid Microsoft licensing

Provision cloud services in seconds for your customers through our marketplace.

True added value

We’re more than unbeatable prices. We’re more than wholesaling. We’re more than cloud distribution.

Vendor relationships

Working alongside our vendors, we can escalate issues to get them resolved more quickly.

Cloud specialists

The intY team features cloud service specialists who work hard to empower our partners.

Super support

Don’t just take our word for it – “Awesome service. Really helpful and proactive.”

Convenient billing

You don’t need deals with separate vendors. We offer everything through one monthly bill.

Azure Pre-sales Team

Azure is a complex system that can be tough to sell. Our Azure team's knowledge can help you through.

Partner Insights™

A unique tool we created to enable data-led client conversations and fuel digital transformation.

Expert training

Hone your skills through our knowledge base, product webinars, and training events.

No reseller restrictions,and no cost to sign up

No reseller restrictions,and no cost to sign up

We don’t make you jump through hoops to access our partner program. All you need to do is fill in your details and get in touch: we’ll get your business set up on our cloud marketplace and ready to start reselling licenses. With no minimum sales commitment, there’s no practical reason not to join up as soon as possible.

Get in touch

Leading the industryfor over 20 years

intY has gone from offering pay as you go servers to leading the cloud distribution industry.

No matter how quickly change happens, intY’s continued position at the front means you can trust in our knowledge and experience to grow your business and ensure you have access to the latest technologies.

Trusted cloud distributor

Microsoft trusts only 1 of 5 Indirect CSP distributors to serve the 3 strategic regions - the US, UK & EU. We're one of the trusted.

Agile to market needs

We are always the first to offer you the latest cloud solutions

Great vendor relationships

Unrivalled relationships with vendors means we can see what’s down the road.

Create unique serviceofferings with added value

Create unique serviceofferings with added value

Browsing our CASCADE marketplace, you can secure licenses from any of our cloud vendors in seconds, then package them into unique solutions to offer your customers. Shape packages around productivity, collaboration, security, continuity, or enablement, and tack on value in the form of strategic consultation and technical support.

Get the support you needto grow your business

Get the support you needto grow your business

Whether our experts are recommending specific cloud products or services, assisting you with technical support or deployment, helping you with product training, or advising regarding your sales funnel, they’ll work hard to help your business move towards its ambitions. Tap into our multi-tenant management console to optimize your process and focus your attention.

Prove your value through ourPartner Insights™ tool

Prove your value through ourPartner Insights™ tool

We developed the Partner Insights™ tool to bolster the reporting of customer cloud consumption and activity: use its clear data to make it abundantly clear what you’re achieving for your clients and make strong cases for additional investment in the cloud. It’s the best of the best. 

Wanna try it? Partner up and take a look

Vendor and End User Agreements

Vendor and End User Agreements

We’ve collected all of our Vendor and End User Agreements onto one page to make it easy for you to read.

Vendor & End User Agreements

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